Fuel injection Cleanings

Approx. Service Time

15 Minutes

Fuel Injection Cleanings

Fuel Injection Cleanings is the process to remove dirt and build up from the air intake system and fuel injectors. All gasoline contains contaminants that slowly build up deposits throughout your entire fuel system. A clean fuel system will improve fuel economy, acceleration and performance. It will also eliminate hard starts, hesitation and stalling.

Note: Today’s finely tuned engines rely on exact air-to-fuel ratio mixtures for optimum performance, and dirty injectors inhibit that ability to provide the right amount of fuel. If left untreated, over time dirt and contaminants from fuel system deposits inhibit accurate fuel flow and can lead to poor engine performance and costly repairs.

Service Includes:

  • Recommended at 15,000 mile intervals
  • 2-Step process cleans the fuel injectors, intake, emission and fuel system
  • Restores and maintains original performance and fuel efficiency
  • Avoids expensive injector repairs
  • Fixes faulty fuel gauge sensor readings
  • Assists in passing emissions tests

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