Engine Flush

Approx. Service Time

10 Minute Service Time

Engine Flush

An engine flush can clear out those deposits to open narrow oil passages clogged by gunk that’s been floating around in the oil. Releasing those deposits and allowing the oil to flow freely saves wear and tear on the engine and keeps parts moving as they should. An engine flushes necessary if the car’s oil hasn’t been changed on time, the car hasn’t been used for a long period of time, major engine work was done to the car or or a used car has been bought without any records regarding recent oil changes.

Service Includes*:

  • Should be serviced according to manufacturer’s recommended mileage interval
  • A service technician adds chemicals to the oil so that any carbon deposits in the oil system flow out of the system and into the oil filter.
  • The technician then drains the oil and chemicals, replaces the oil filter and fills the car’s oil reservoir with clean oil.